Consider your assets as beautiful flowers in a garden, and your liabilities as life-draining weeds. How healthy is your Wealth Garden?



We’re normal people just like you! At least as normal as things can get nowadays. What makes us special is simply realizing our capabilities and living up to it.

Our mission is to help and empower people by educating and shining light on all the ways they can regain their time, money, and the most desired of them all, their FREEDOM.

We welcome everyone from the CEO to those with no job, no money, and in need of help from both a financial and mental standpoint.

If you’re wondering why we think we can do anything for you, here’s a little background check. You decide for yourself



directly from our Founder & CEO, Jarkerrian Richardson

The Wealth Garden is an interesting story, as the best stories come from unprecedented events. It didn’t come from a direct “acted on an idea”, “had a plan”, or even “made idea successful” plot. You’ve heard those narratives before. You know the story before you read it. However, that works to our advantage, because this blog is proof that if you never give up, something will happen eventually. If you decide on a goal or that you will do something, the “what”, something general like “quit my job” or “travel the world”, then you don’t need to know “how”. Don’t ask me, that’s just the way this universe works.

A small change in choices or circumstances, and there may never have been a Wealth Garden. Or any other business for that matter.



Wealth Garden is the result of a crossroads. below are scenario A and scenario B. The fork in the road.

Scenario A: Your alarm disrupts your slumber, the very first thing you feel to start your day is dread. That alarm is one of a number of things in your life that tells YOU what to do. You have to go to work. Even if you don’t feel “demanded” to show up, you need money. You have bills. You need food. Again, circumstances are forcing your hand. So you awake, you rush your hygiene, you may not have time for breakfast and if you manage to grab something to eat it may not be worthwhile or worse, unhealthy for you due to modern “convenience”. You rush to work, subjecting yourself to traffic, time-influenced clumsiness and mistakes like coffee spills or forgetting part of your uniform. Before the work day begins you’re already going downhill fast, assuming with your lack of sleep and “convenience diet”, you were at the top to begin with. So you get to work, rush to your punch in, and so it begins. You put your “public face” on. You smile when you don’t want to, have conversations you don’t want to, and take your bosses orders with no reward and barely a “thank you” because “it’s what you’re supposed to do.” Mix that in with the poor bonuses (or lack thereof) and minimal vacation time that you likely have to meet requirements for, possibly relinquishing it. And 1 or 2 short breaks with strict over watch. Finally, after toughing out another shift more than a third of your 24-hour day, it’s time to punch out. You commute home, possibly grabbing something quick from dinner. Maybe fast food or frozen supper. It’s not the best, but again, it’s “convenient”. You wouldn’t mind watching a little TV, or accepting your friends invite to an event or outing. However, giving roughly half of your day (12+ hours!) to the workforce( accounting from the moment you wake up, get dressed, commute, etc.), and needing 8 or so hours of sleep(though very unlikely), you simply do not have room to live more life. Read the last bold print again. It all sounds heavy, but it is the truth many of us hard working people do not consider. It’s for the cause though right?. You have to eat. You have to pay your bills. You have to work hard to get raises and rank up in the workplace. You have to earn that vacation time/bonus. You simply have to, right? Read on, hustler.

Scenario B: You wake up on a Monday morning, either naturally or by personal schedule, with a smile on your face from excitement. You’re anticipating how you’re going to spend your day today. You slip your house shoes on (unless you’re a fan of the birthday suit) and go open the curtains. The sunlight fills the room with its rays and from the window pane you can see the beach from your cabin in Mexico. Or the skyline of Greece. How about calling in from work today? Only problem with that is, you don’t have to ask for permission because, well, you don’t have a boss to answer to. Maybe you’ll go on an adventure with family. How about a flight to Tokyo, Japan?

I PROMISE THERES NO SALES PITCH. I’m simply being as open and upfront as I can. This isn’t dream selling. It’s turning dreams into goals, goals into steps, and steps into action. It’s dreams into reality, explained and educated.



Excuse me, but I’m honestly and absolutely SICK AND TIRED of corporations exploiting and commercialization. It’s all about them and how they can take as much time/money from you and into their own gains. We know they need money and all but here’s the thing for me…. DON’T WE ALL??? They never consider why the hell anybody should come out of pocket or out of their way for them, much less what the consumer can gain.


“The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you’ve got it made” – Jean Giraudoux

Read the above quote once more. This is corporate logic. You ever get a cold call that says “Hi we’re [company] selling [product/service], would you be interested?”

This particular topic is a peeve of mine so do excuse me, but ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING?. Everywhere you look there’s someone looking to take what you have. Tis the ways of man sadly. However, speaking for myself, I started Wealth Garden to give power and freedom back to our hardworking people and simultaneously protecting them exploitation AND giving them the knowledge they need to succeed all on their own. With or without us. You’re probably thinking, “But J., don’t YOU need money to survive too? What do you gain from this?.”

Pretty simple actually. I’ve wasted a lot of time and money and made a lot of mistakes. Going through these things I noticed people were really grateful to me for educating them and enlightening them through both my wins and losses. I took steps forward for success in my own right, starting multiple business ventures. It wasn’t until a week before I made this blog that I realized how helpful I became to people. I can’t explain it but it’s something that intrigues and excites me. As far as money is concerned, credibility and popularity enable to me to use things like ads or affiliate marketing. This blog is entirely for the sake of knowledge and financial gain. I pull money from multiple sources no matter the size they all add up. An ad here, ebook sale there. And I have all I need to get by. Not only that, but the freedom I’ve gained through empowering others and being an influencer are all things I plan on openly sharing. I believed in myself did what most cannot. I don’t feel guilty, but somewhat responsible for sharing with the people that are genuinely looking to live their best lives and be the best possible version of themselves. Goosebumps as I write these sentences. Anyway, this is our very first blog entry and we are beyond elated that you’ve decided to begin your journey to freedom. Your life belongs to you and only you.