The Full Story


Our mission is to help and empower people by educating and shining light on all the ways they can regain their time, money, and the most desired of them all, their FREEDOM.


The primary purpose of this blog is to empower people by educating them on what wealth actually is versus trying to pile up a lot of money simply because, you’re probably aware that one can have a lot of money and still not be rich. That being said, not only are we aiming to educate people, but also show them how they can execute these lessons into action and regain power over their lives. The 9 to 5 is slowly dying as people acquire more knowledge and resources to live without them. We simply don’t want anyone left behind in a dying system that’s going to take them with them.

What We Do

Our primary purpose is information and it’s 100% free. We make money through ads and affiliate links only approved by our team. Moreover, we do offer products and services, primarily ebooks. Also, we have a team of freelancers mainly focused in the fields of content writing and website designing. Feel free to contact us at no cost at all for any questions whether it be informative or about our services. We’re here to help!